We will get you out of any sticky circumstance

We will get you out of any sticky circumstance! We will continue to work with you to obtain the right home adhesive tape remedy for you. Mucilaginous tapes certainly are a leading self-employed supplier of single & double sided self applied adhesive professional tapes in britain offering various kinds of reliable mucilaginous tapes meant for industry, business office and the residence. Buy immediate from all of us and preserve a £££’s. Ordering double sided tape couldn’t end up being easier & delivery is normally free using orders above £100. 00 or just £8. 95 is going to be charged. Value-added tax is included with all instructions on see, invoices will abide by content. Call each of our friendly sales force on 01268 768 now to go over your requirements, get a catalogue or perhaps free selections, or to benefit from our value guarantee. Certainly we is going to beat the competitors upon price for the like designed for like merchandise.

Our product selection is second to non-e and we take great pride in ourselves in giving the consumer the best services, products and rates within the market. Established more than a decade ago apetape have raised each year as a result of support of your loyal buyers. Get in touch today, we look toward serving you. Our array of industrial tags is intensive to say the least consisting of anti fall and anti – skid cassette tapes, very high connection double sided aides, reflective adhesive tape, magnetic recording, tamper apparent proof secureness parcel coup and much more. All of us stock 1000s of tapes designed for next day delivery plus come to be your specific specifications and therefore are able to satisfy your deadline no matter how quickly your need your buy.


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