Recently, Take-Two Filed A Copyright Suit To Cancel

Those looking to take advantage of the free game offered via Twitch for Amazon Prime may encounter a strange bump in the road that was not there before; need to download the Amazon Games app and run the executable. By doing so, and by logging into your Amazon Prime account, you have a digital library from which to download your games. The whole process is decidedly quick, if a bit minimalist, and their library already contains a decent series of games.

There is no way to buy titles directly from the Amazon Game App; the only segments currently available are “Free Games With Prime” and “Library”. It is extremely doubtful, however, that the multi-billion dollar company has created a full app just for the games people receive with Twitch Prime. Amazon Games App May Be Gearing Up To Enter PC Market As Another Storefont This strength that Amazon can harness with its almost endless cash flow can have regulars from the PC Origin (Electronic Arts) and Steam (Valve) platforms looking over their collective shoulders.

Sudden features could be implemented with little or no warning, and the industry behemoth has no reason not to join the game industry. Video games have gone from a hobby of niche and cheesy with mainstream success and generate more income than movies, television and even music. Far from your stereotypical underground dweller, even Hollywood stars claim that gambling is the new “hot”. Amazon saw Netflix becoming popular and profitable and launched Prime Video in direct competition. You could say they did it with little error. They could very well have their target on PC gaming platforms.