Recently, Take-Two Filed A Copyright Suit To Cancel

While everyone is happy for the debut of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, the original game is unlikely to hit PC again, thanks to a lawsuit brought by Take-Two Entertainment. Read Dead Redemption: the Damned Enhancement project would have been the project to bring Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 games to PCs with improved visuals and new features.

TorrentFreak, (the company in charge of the latest news on copyright, privacy and similar parties). They obtained a copy of the trial, which was filed in the southern New York district on December 26, with defendants like Jonathan Wyckoff, mod developer, and ten anonymous co-defendants as well. Recently, Take-Two Filed A Copyright Suit To Cancel A New Red Dead Redemption PC Port, ‘Damned Enhancement Project’

In the copyright lawsuit, Take-Two boldly stated that Wyckoff had it in its plan to “ distribute malware files that would significantly compromise the content of Take-Two video games ” by introducing the original Red Dead Redemption card in Red Dead Redemption 2. This would allow players to take advantage of the first PC entry – “the same platform that Take-Two didn’t launch or release the Red Dead Redemption game.”

In addition, Wyckoff responded to the copyright complaint over the project thread on GTAForums, saying that the project had been canceled. It was the result of the cease and desist letter, Take-Two sent him in September. However, the copyright lawsuit alleged that it was not respected, which left Take-Two with no choice but to file a complaint.