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Kopeksatis certainly is not purchased animals. There is not any brokerage and brokerage. Kopeksatis follows a broadcasting coverage of completely in accordance with intercontinental internet transmissions rules. Regarding to regulation no . 5199, the product sales locations has to be subject to the licenses and control of the ministry of food, cultivation and animals. Puppies and puppies below two months older and not vaccinated cannot be bought at the revenue points controlled by the legislation. Ministry of food, formation and animals click here to download the regulation about implementation with the general directorate of meals and control.

Our internet site is a no cost advertisement program where folks who love pets or animals can satisfy and everyone may advertise their particular ads. Make sure you ask the advertisers to get the documentation certificate and license. Each of our site have been presented for all animal addicts, primarily when it comes to dog control and professional work done inside the framework with this document to obtain the appropriate pup advertisements satılık köpek, free advertising free centre. The ministry of foodstuff, agriculture and livestock provides mandated the chip for any owners of cats and dogs. Ahead of the pet dogs are place on sale, they are really successfully accomplished all the teaching programs desired, feeding patterns, obedience for the owner, security instinct schooling and confident relations while using social environment.


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