Mega Man X DiVE, Capcom’s Upcoming Mobile Co-op Game

What is the appropriate reaction when a match that no one particularly expects is delayed? None of this is petty or intended to invalidate the hard work that the developers put into Mega Man X DiVE, but as far as this franchise is concerned, players have had a one-sided spirit lately. More on that later, however.

Mega Man X DiVE, or Rockman X DiVE as it is called in Japan, is an upcoming cooperative multiplayer game that was slated to hit mobile devices in the second half of this year. Given that we are less than a week away from 2020, it became clear that he was not going to make his exit window. Capcom released a statement, officially delaying the match in the first quarter of 2020. They also apologized for the delay, but if we’re being honest, more games should be delayed. We live in an era where publishers are rushing into half-complete games, games that are always bought en masse at launch, and then frantically fix those games as consumers have collapsed on how incomplete they are. Mega Man X DiVE, Capcom’s Upcoming Mobile Co-op Game, Delayed Until The First Quarter Of 2020 Take your time. We are not going anywhere.

The official reason for Capcom’s delay was the “optimization process” and players around the world can probably agree that taking the time to optimize a game is probably for the best. Mega Man X DiVE is already facing a serious lack of hype, and I’m sure Capcom prefers that the game turns out to be a surprise success rather than just launching with little fanfare and then being quickly forgotten. There’s no reason to believe that Mega Man X DiVE won’t be good, but after speculation that Capcom may be working on a new Mega Man X, it really dominated the Mega Man conversation.

We know that another entry for the main Mega Man series is in the works. Its existence was confirmed by Capcom just a few months ago, but we were not told exactly what the game was. Everyone quickly assumed that it would be Mega Man 12, following the heels of the Mega Man 11 of the last year, and that’s probably a pretty safe assumption. Still, some are hoping for another entry into the X series.