GIft Tickets And Receive Crown Crates In The Elder Scrolls

Start the New Life Festival by accepting the free quest in the in-game crown store. Breda is located in an open-air camp in Eastmarch. Breda is worth finding and completing her simple side quests. She wields a bottomless cup of mead that will boost two hours of double XP. It’s a great opportunity for new players or players with new characters to take it to the next level. The Double XP boost can be stacked with other bonuses, such as experience scrolls.

ESO has an added bonus: “Get into the holiday spirit and give event tickets to your friends and fellow guilds, and we’ll give you four Frost Atronach Crown cases, completely free!” GIft Tickets And Receive Crown Crates In The Elder Scrolls Online Promotion ┬áThe bonus event lasts until the end of the New Life Festival. To celebrate, players must offer five event tickets to anyone in the game. The five tickets can be awarded to one or more people.

Once the event is over, ESO will distribute four Frost Atronach crown crates. Unfortunately, players may have to wait until the end of January to receive their Crown cases. Frost Atronach crown crates contain a variety of goodies. They include unique items such as the Frost Atronach Dwarven Spider mount, the Everball Snowball souvenir, the Target furniture model Frost Atronach and Fawn Pet.

Lucky players can also get one of the few non-winter Dark Aeon Wolf, Volcanic Senche-Panther or Dark Opaline Steed mounts. This special crown case includes items preferred by fans of the Crown Store, such as the Witch Knight Charger frame and the adorable pet Milady’s Cloud Cat.

Many rewards include useful consumables like potions or XP scrolls, but the contents of the crates are random. The celebration of Crown Crate is just one of the ways the ESO team is trying to make players happy. They recently published their year-end review and their performance improvement plan for 2020 and beyond. Hopefully the game will be stable enough to relaunch the annual Undaunted event at the start of the year.