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He may be behind the T-series subscriber count of at least 20 million, but many still consider PewDiePie to be the king of YouTube. Being on top as long as Pewds from the massively popular video consumer site is a magnet for controversy and fan questions. On December 28, the Swede posted a revealing Q&A video where he answers very personal questions. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is well known for playing video games and reviewing the best memes of the week on his downloads. It has touched on a few sensitive topics in the past, but nothing as open as this latest download.

Entitled “Answering Very Personal Questions”, the 21-minute video already has more than 3.7 million views in less than 24 hours. In the intimate video, the 30-year-old internet sensation wears a sweater, sitting in a room with nothing but her recording setup and her phone. YouTube Star PewDiePie Opens Up About His Net Worth And Where His Assets Are One of the expected questions is, of course, his net worth, not only by his fans but also by the media and journalists. “What is your real net worth”, the screenshot appears. “You suggested that [net worth] is higher than what Google says, and what do you do with that money?” made with his money.

“Right now it’s very complicated,” said Felix, without shirking the question. He then adds that he is based in Sweden and the United Kingdom and that Pewds has about four or five companies with which he deals. Ultimately, he admits that a fraction is invested in stocks and bonds. “But I think overall, I don’t really spend on anything personally, because I don’t like having things around me.”