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Sparkling Fruit business enterprise is a Joint inventory company which become installed in 1994 through a group of companions who’ve a protracted revel in in exporting and uploading fruit, vegetables and cereals, and with 44 everlasting personnel. The organisation has implemented a exceptional control system conforming with the worldwide excellent widespread measures/fashionable specs device ISO 9001/2002 & HACCP. The company is one of the companies which endure the same name; fresh Fruit, in Dubai, Egypt & Amman-Jordan.

Our enterprise is one of the leader exporting corporations in Egypt that specialized in Agricultural products.
Our fundamental items are Rice, Peanuts/floor nuts, white beans, spices and herbs culmination. as a result of a long enjoy over 35 years in exporting and importing of agricultural products.The proprietors delivered their enjoy to the market and set up in 1994 fresh fruit Co. LTD. They promised to provide their customers with the satisfactory exceptional and ensure their satisfaction.


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